Kastrup Design is the story of art and sculpture. Of the desire to design and create. And of playing with form and figure. But first, it is the story of a shared vision for father and daughter – a vision of simplicity and quality.

The story begins, when Flemming is only 6 years old and he, filled with wonder, examines the beautiful labels on the wine bottles in his parents’ wine cabinet. His father imports wine but Flemming has an entirely different focus: he thinks it is such a shame for the pretty labels and bottles to be hidden away in a big closed cabinet in the hall.

At the age of 67, Flemming Kastrup Madsen has an idea: to create a timeless wine cabinet which in both design and usability is simple, bringing the wine into focus. You should be able to see the bottles and the beautiful labels. The simplicity is the ultimate demand for this unique design. When the time has come for realising his idea, he chooses to give the sketches to his daughter, Charlotte, with the words: “Here you are, my girl, I’m too old, myself, but I have no doubt that you can make something of this.”

With both thoughts and sketches at the ready, Charlotte embarks on the process of development. Many an illustration and prototype are made and, in 2007, the Wine Cabinet is put into production.

Since then, Kastrup Design has expanded with new innovative desings that have been tested at fair exhibitions in i.a. Paris and Milan, everyone of them upholding the demand for simplicity in their designs. The products are still handmade, and the style is the same with its timeless, simple design, focusing on high quality and usability.

Charlotte Kastrup received both the idea and the passion from her father, and, today, she is carrying out their shared vision as well as working with her own new designs. Everything is made in Scandinavia with the greatest attention to detail and quality. Charlotte’s father saw his idea of the wine cabinet carried out, however he did not live to see the success that Kastrup Design is today.

Designers: Charlotte Kastrup Madsen and Flemming Kastrup Madsen.