Kastrup Globen

Kastrup No. 1

Our signature Kastrup No. 1 is made from 0,6 cm perspex plate.

It is handglued, the process in itsel a work of art and very time consuming.
The cap nuts are just for a rustique look.

The creative possibilites are endless in this timeless design which draws the eye like a luminous sculpture.

The materials are perspex and stainless steel.

The Kastrup No. 1 is waterproof and will hold a total weight of 22 kg.


Kastrup No. 2

Kastrup No. 2 is designed in the image of our classic Kastrup Globe, but made from 3 and 4 mm perspex plate.

It is delivered in two parts and assembled with 8 bolts. You can use it for creative displays, as eye-catcher in trade exhibitions, etc.

The materials are perspex and stainless steel.

Kastrup No. 2 will hold 12 kg, and it is not waterproof.



Endless possibilities


kastrup design glober

kastrup no 1 og 2


globen 1 og 2

kastrup globen